Welcome to the BNSF Railway at Edgemont South Dakota website.

Edgemont, South Dakota, is a crew change point for the busy BNSF Gillette WY - Alliance NE division. This BNSF rail division sees some of the highest tonnage freight traffic in the world (over 100 million tons annually. Though there is a constant parade of coal trains, the double track mainline through Edgemont also carries numerous other freight traffic. Plus Edgemont has a switching yard where local freights are made up.

This website is composed primarily of photos, all of which have been shot near Edgemont. The blog is a haphazard, changing work as new ideas arise. The blog contains railroad photos not only by the website author, but other contributors as well. The photos in the blog sometimes show snapshots of other railroads and other locations.

The pages of this website are as follows: